40 Spooky Ouija Board Encounters With The Other Side – And They Aren’t For The Faint-Hearted

It seems simple enough – a Ouija board features only the letters of the alphabet, numbers zero through nine, and the words “goodbye,” “yes” and “no.” However, the simple rectangle can supposedly connect us with spirits who answer questions through the board’s movable planchette. It sounds like it could be fun to chat with an eternal being. However, some Ouija board sessions can connect users with the wrong kinds of spirits. And the results can be unnerving.

40. Some spirits prefer silence

Two best friends used their Ouija board to contact spirits, but the one they got wasn’t interested in speaking to them. Sharing their experience with BuzzFeed Community, they revealed, “We finally outright asked, ‘Is there anyone here who would like to talk to us?’ The planchette slowly moved over to the letters ‘N-O.’” And when they asked the ghost’s name? It replied back “S-H-S-H.” Point taken.

39. Twist my arm, why don’t you?

One alarmed Ouija user named Justin told Reader’s Digest that he and some friends whipped out a board, and it seemed a spirit wanted to speak to them. But rather than answering the questions they asked, the ghost moved the planchette in an X shape across the board. Justin said it “felt like it was some kind of hex,” and maybe he was right. After he fell asleep that night, he woke up when he felt someone forcefully pulled his arm – but everyone was still asleep.

38. Check the clock

In 2015, one Redditor said that they asked the spirit communicating through the Ouija board to tell them the time. There weren’t any clocks or watches in the room, so those playing couldn’t cheat and move the planchette themselves. Once the spirit answered the question, the Redditor ran out of the room to check – and the board had given the right time down to the minute.

37. Never Ouija alone


A woman named Ossiana told Reader’s Digest that she once played with her Ouija board alone. It sounds creepy, but she didn’t come into contact with any ghosts, so she started to put it all the spirit-detecting accoutrements away. Then, she realized that the planchette had started moving all on its own – and, needless to say, Ossiana vowed to “never try that again.”

36. A sinking feeling

Crazy things can happen when a Ouija board ends up in the hands of middle schoolers. Case in point: one BuzzFeed Community member said that they and their friend sat on top of her grandparents’ cemetry plot with a board and planchette. Minutes after the teens started reaching out to the spirit world, the ground underneath them – the earth above the grave – began to sink. So, of course, they fled the scene very, very quickly.

35. Grandma says hi


An Ouija board is an…interesting gift, especially for a middle schooler. Yet, one Redditor received one at such an impressionable age. They brought the ghost-hunting kit to a friend’s house, and the pair asked aloud, “Is anyone in the room with us?” The planchette moved to spell out, “Ruth,” which just happened to be the Redditor’s recently deceased grandmother’s name. The response scared them so much that they eventually threw the Ouija board in a dumpster.

34. Arson? No match for a Ouija board

One Redditor described in 2015 how their cousin set their grandmother’s basement on fire, destroying everything in the underground space, including all of the board games they had stored under the sofa. And yet, the post author recalled, “Everything was incinerated. The sofa, all the other games. They were ashes. The Ouija board wasn’t even singed. We still have it in the original box.” How do you explain that?

33. A demon walks into a sleepover…


What better entertainment for a half-dozen friends having a sleepover than a Ouija board? One slumber party attendee told BuzzFeed Community that their group got in touch with a spirit named Joe. When asked if he was a bad spirit, Joe spelled out, “No, him” before adding, “He’s coming.” As if that wasn’t enough, the pals reached out again the next day and spoke to someone claiming to be Joe’s wife. She identified Joe as the bad spirit he warned them about.

32. It all comes crashing down

Ouija board user Bekki told Reader’s Digest that she had whipped hers out during her first semester in college, and it seemed to immediately wreak havoc on the dorm and beyond. She explained, “A few minutes in, we lost power. Some car hit a pole on our street.” Coincidence or something more sinister?

31. Ouija board – a spelling bee winner


A skeptical BuzzFeed Community commenter said they played with a Ouija board, but felt their friend was actually pushing the planchette. So, they started asking questions about their deceased uncle, a topic about which their pal would have no knowledge of. The planchette then spelled out the name Xiomara, which happened to be the commenter’s aunt’s – their uncle’s wife’s – name. They wrote, “There is no way my friend would’ve known about [her name], never mind known how to spell [it].”

30. The darkest secret

In 2017, a Redditor recalled a terrifying story told to them and five other friends through a Ouija board. They wrote, “We asked the ghost how old they were when they died, and they said, ‘Five.’ We then asked how they died, and it spelled, “M-O-M.” Needless to say, the half-dozen paranormal players found that response “pretty spooky.”

29. Naptime ruined


After using a Ouija board to contact a friend who had died in a plane crash, one Reddit user said the planchette started spinning wildly. The strange experience left them feeling overwhelmed with instantaneous exhaustion. So, they napped to recover but, after a half-hour, they jolted awake to see a “spirit [or] skeletal thing” in the corner of the room. The figure rushed toward the Redditor’s face, scaring them so badly that they ran out of the house, screaming.

28. Safe for kids, unsafe for kittens

One group of teenage girls snuck a Ouija board into their sleepover against the wishes of the host’s strictly religious mom. When the grown-ups went to sleep, the teens started to ask the spirits a slew of questions, but they got no response. However, the BuzzFeed Community commenter claimed, “That night, her mom’s new kitten started acting WEIRD.” The vet diagnosed it with a terminal neurological problem, but the girls felt convinced they had accidentally possessed the little kitty.

27. Another sinister sleepover story


Ouija boards and sleepovers really don’t mix, do they? This time, a soccer team brought one to their slumber party, which just so happened to be in their gym. A spirit on the other end started spelling out a strange series of words – “thirst,” “fire” and “help” among them. The team couldn’t help but bring up the strange circumstance to their coach, who told them that their gym had burned down in the past, and a man perished in the blaze.

26. Hey, could you let me out of here?

Rather than tote along an actual Ouija board to summer camp, a 17-year-old named Liam told Reader’s Digest that he and his friends drew one on paper. It clearly worked, though – he told the magazine, “As soon as we started using it, we heard knocking coming from inside one of the lockers.” No word as to whether they opened the door or not. Be honest – would you?

25. A series of unfortunate events


Three best friends asked a Ouija board spirit how it died, and it replied, “Murder.” But when they pressed to find out how, it vaguely responded, “Not I.” Then, the board soared across the room, kicking off a series of horrible events for all three players. One of their moms died of cancer within a week. Another’s mom went to the hospital due to her alcohol abuse shortly after, while the Redditor’s mom needed an emergency hysterectomy that same week.

24. Re-boo-t

Sometimes, a Ouija board’s effects aren’t apparent immediately. After playing with one during the day, a woman named Abby told Reader’s Digest that her computer once turned itself on while she got ready for bed. So, she flipped the device off, only for the PC to switch back on again. As anyone would, Abby then unplugged her computer – and it terrifyingly rebooted without being attached to any power source. Scary.

23. Unsweet dreams


Two friends brought a Ouija board to a graveyard, but they experienced nothing of the paranormal. That changed the next day – one of them shared through BuzzFeed Community that their “friend started having sleep paralysis every time he spent the night at my house, despite never having it before.” His terrifying visions included “a tall woman with black hair standing in the corner of the room facing the wall.” No more sleepovers for those two, we presume.

22. Breakroom breakdown

One Reddit user’s mom said she and her coworkers used a Ouija board in their break room because the space gave them a creepy feeling. A spirit came through, but it wasn’t a friendly one – it gave scary answers and launched a glass across the room. So, the colleagues packed up the board, went home and somehow forgot about the experience. However, when they got to work the next morning, they found the breakroom trashed by an unknown – perhaps otherworldly – assailant.

21. Paranormal portal, now open for business


Ouija operator Sherry told Reader’s Digest that she thought the board she used hadn’t worked. Soon enough, though, she realized that she had, indeed, awoken something because weird things hadn’t stopped happening since. She explained, “We’ve had glasses move right across the table by themselves. I saw a spoon in a cup of coffee aggressively stir in the cup without anyone being near it.” Sounds supernaturally scary.

20. Black cat means very bad luck

One Reddit user contacted a spirit whose answers initially came out as gibberish, but eventually became crystal-clear. The being told them, “I can see you through the window” and then, “I’m under the car,” which prompted them to go scan the family vehicle with a flashlight. When they reached the underbelly of the car, they were greeted by an angrily hissing black cat. Now, that’s a very bad omen.

19. That probably wasn’t Grandpa


Once again, this spooky story comes straight from a teenagers’ sleepover. Attendee Anna told Reader’s Digest that her friend, Brianna, hoped to use a Ouija board to contact her grandfather. The slumber party goers asked the board to connect them to him, but a present spirit didn’t like this request, it seems. Instead, it launched a candle at Anna just after the question was posed.

18. Add me to the no-call list

One Redditor used a Ouija board with friends and when they finished, their phones started ringing. Unknown numbers would call them up, and they’d answer to hear static. As if that’s not creepy enough – weeks later, the group decided to go for a walk to a nearby cemetery together. Once they entered the grounds, the anonymous calls started pouring in – and they stopped only when they left the graveyard.

17. It gets even morgue scary


Poor Tommy – the one-time college student told Reader’s Digest that his dorm had once served as a morgue. It makes sense, then, that he and his hall-mates decided to try and contact the dead with a Ouija board. When they did, though, they got a serious fright – a spirit on the other end promised 83 demons would descend on the place to wreak havoc. They did just that, with appliances turning themselves off and on, until a priest came in to bless the haunted morgue-turned-dorm.

16. Need anymore proof?

A college-aged Redditor played with a Ouija board alongside a skeptic named Gary who challenged the spirit with whom they spoke. Gary asked, “Is this for real […] ?” before asking the responding spirit to “prove” its presence. Right away, the dorm’s fire alarm blared and the lights flickered. Worse yet, when the group got back into their dorm post-fire-evacuation, the Ouija board was gone, although the room had been locked.

15. Talk Latin to me


Not all spirits speak English, you know. A Redditor recalled a time when they and at least a half-dozen friends contacted a Latin-speaking spirit. Only one guy in the group spoke Latin, and his hand wasn’t even on the planchette. When he finally did put it there – and pull it away – he realized that he had somehow gotten a bright red scratch on his wrist.

14. Fido has no fear

One BuzzFeed Community member ventured outside to use a Ouija board with their friends when someone made the mistake of laughing at a spirit’s name. Soon enough, the commenter recalled that “[their] fence started to rattle” and their pals wanted to head indoors. But they couldn’t get inside – their dog stood in their way at the bottom of the porch “snarling at the empty darkness behind us.” Woof!

13. MySpace for MySpecter


In 2019, a Reddit user recalled a particularly strange Ouija board experience that occurred when people actually used Myspace. A ghost introduced himself as Aiden and told the Redditor that he’d friend them on the social media site. No sooner than they said goodbye did they have a new MySpace friend request from a fan page for an emo band – a band called Aiden.

12. Generational ghost story

A group of cousins were playing with a Ouija board, and the planchette kept spelling out the same word for them – “M-A-M-A.” Then, as one of the family group recalled for BuzzFeed, their brother later asked their mom if she had ever played the supernatural game before. She said she had, but she had only ever got one response out of her board, time and time again – “M-A-M-A.”

11. Omnipotent means overhead


Sometimes, a spirit can lift us – quite literally. As one BuzzFeed Community member recalled, they gathered three friends for a Ouija session. Then, they wrote, “The planchette suddenly lifted straight off of the board and raised all of our hands at least a foot into the air, then dropped.” Unsurprisingly, every person playing immediately fled the scene screaming.

10. I used to live here

A man named Glenn revealed to Reader’s Digest that, while playing with a Ouija board, he saw an apparition of a young girl wearing antiquated clothes. He shared his vision with his neighbors who worked as historians and knew who had lived in his house before. Glenn recalled, “The apparition ended up being a 10-year-old girl named Annalise who died of tuberculosis sometime in the late 1800s.”

9. Truth hurts


One of two pals playing with a Ouija board had a very subjective question to ask their new spirit contact – did the being like their buddy? As the latter chum shared via BuzzFeed Community, “Right as my friend asked this, a basket fell off of the shelf above me and knocked me upside the head. Coincidence? I think not.”

8. Book alternative accommodation

Ohio native Paige, will never forget the first time she used a Ouija board. She’d just moved into an old, large house with her mom and older sister. The girls convinced their mom to let them play with the Ouija board on their first night there. Paige told Reader’s Digest, “As we were using it, a box in the living room that had some books in it literally flew across the room.” Then, the fire blew out, which scared Paige’s mom so much that she sent her daughters to their grandmother’s home for the night.

7. No longer a missing person


One Redditor remembered a Ouija board experience which quickly turned serious. Their mother participated happily until the spirit spelled out its name – the same name as one of her friends who had recently gone missing. She then asked where the spirit was, and they replied, “In a lake.” Sure enough, authorities found the missing friend’s remains in a body of water very shortly thereafter.

6. Social insecurity number

One Redditor’s cousin played with a Ouija board, but took a short break to go to the bathroom. While he was out, the remaining players had asked who was in the other room but received a message comprised of what appeared to be a nonsensical jumble of numbers. However, when the cousin looked closely at the digits in order, he realized something – it was actually his social security number, eerily emanating by a paranormal source.

5. Give me a hand


If these Ouija stories have taught us anything, it’s that the non-believer usually gets spooked the worst by ghosts. Case in point – one skeptical BuzzFeed Community member requested that a spirit present itself in a physical manner. They imagined the being would tap their shoulder, but it went for something more forceful. The commenter shared, “Suddenly my back started to sting. There were three handprints on my back, and they were red and puffy like I’d been slapped!”

4. Color outside of the lines

A summertime Ouija board session introduced one BuzzFeed Community member and their friends to a spirit named Jake. The group pushed Jake to prove himself to them, so he said they should all go upstairs. When they got there, the commenter found their crayons spilled all over the floor and “JAKE” scribbled into an open notebook on the bed. All of the Ouija boarders had been in the basement the whole time and there was no-one else in the house. They destroyed the board.

3. A supernatural surprise


Not all spooky Ouija board stories deal with hauntings and demons. In the case of one BuzzFeed Community member’s mom, the planchette swiveled around until it spelled the word “pregnant,” followed by the mom’s name. Before the board told her, she had no idea she was with child, but the planchette’s assertion turned out to be 100 percent true.

2. Who’s there?

Facebook User Falara Peek said that she and a friend used a Ouija board in her father’s old house. As soon as they played, the upstairs rotary phone started clicking, as if someone was playing with the receiver. Then, they noticed that the downstairs phone’s light – which indicated the line was in use – kept flashing when no one was using it. These spooky phenomena escalated as Peek said she felt a force rocking her as she tried to sleep later that night – accompanied by a strange humming.

1. A family connection


For one Ouija user named Owen, experimenting with a board led to stronger supernatural experiences. He told Reader’s Digest that he came in contact with a spirit named Michael. Owen’s parents later showed him a picture of his grandfather, a man who died before his birth. It was then, Owen realized that he already knew him – his granddad was Michael. And, he told his parents, “[Michael] was there with us right then.” Uncanny.