40 Ordinary Objects Chopped In Half That Look Nothing Like You’d Expect

There’s lots of stuff around us which upon first glance doesn’t appear all that interesting. But cut these things in half, and you open up a whole new window into their world. So from items like a tortoise shell to complex equipment like the inside of a camera, prepare to be blown away by the stunning and intricate designs contained within.

40. Baseball

Ah, baseball – widely considered to be America’s national pastime. Of course, at the center of this noble sport is the ball itself. But have you ever looked inside one? Well, if you cut the ball in half, you will discover a rubber core held in place by tightly wound yarn and string.

39. Jawbreaker candy

Who doesn’t love jawbreakers? Okay, maybe your dentist isn’t the biggest fan. But the tasty hard candies look undeniably awesome when they are cut in two. Look at all those beautiful layers of different colors – all perfectly formed in a circle.

38. Pro-bowling ball

Bowling is a fun activity to engage in with both friends or family. But while you are channeling your inner Dude, have you ever stopped to think of what the inside of one of the high-end balls looks like? Well, wonder no more, as the image above from the Storm Bowling YouTube channel gives you a clue. There is an expertly crafted weight block inside that allows the ball to be manipulated by the bowler. Pretty neat, right?

37. New Zealand basket fungus


You’re probably thinking that this looks like a delicious dessert. Well, you may think twice when we tell you what it really is. Though it might look like some kind of delectable chocolate trifle, it is actually the cross-section of a fungus. Or to be exact, it’s the New Zealand basket fungus.

36. Whale rib

Whales are usually pretty darn enormous. And the blue whale, for its part, is actually the largest animal to have ever lived on the planet, according to National Geographic. But have you ever wondered what their ribs look like? Well, if you have, wonder no more. The above cross-section shows the white bone in all its honeycomb-style glory.

35. Patek Philippe watch


Patek Philippe watches are among the most reputable on the planet, and they carry a hefty price tag to reflect that. Although we scratch our heads at how people can spend so much money on a timepiece, we’ll concede that the Swiss company produces high quality items. And thanks to this Twitter post, we can look inside one. The device has been cut in half, and it confirms the grandeur and complexity of what lies beneath the watch face.

34. Fukang meteorite

It might look like a shiny piece of nougat held up to the sun’s rays. But in actual fact, the above picture shows a sliced piece of rock from space. It was discovered back in 2000 in wilderness close to the Chinese city of Fukang. The meteorite is officially a pallasite, which is a stony iron rock with olivine crystals. Boffins estimated it to be 4.5 billion years old – almost as old as the Earth itself. Wow.

33. Rattlesnake rattle


If you’ve ever come across a rattlesnake in the wild, you were probably either terrified or captivated. And there’s a good chance you will have heard the infamous rattle if the predator had been startled by your presence. The image above posted on Reddit shows a cross-section of the snake’s hollow rattle. It is apparently formed out of interlocking segments of keratin that collide when the serpent’s tail rises and vibrates its muscles.

32. Tortoise skeleton

You may not know this, but tortoises actually have a remarkable skeleton. Along with turtles, they are the only reptiles to have a hard and bony shell to protect them. The outer shell has an inner bone layer inside, and below that is the tortoise’s ribs. They also have very slow metabolisms, which means that the animals burn less amounts of energy and, according to some experts, live longer as a result.

31. Deadmau5’ helmet


Those of you reading this who are fond of dance music will likely have heard of the Canadian DJ Deadmau5. In fact, the artist is pretty hard to miss. Besides being a Grammy nominee, he also wears a huge mouse-shaped helmet on his head. And thanks to a Reddit user, we can now see one of several he owns. The helmet has been cut in half – showing all those wires, lights, eye goggles and a green headpiece. Whatever floats your boat, right?

30. Poppy capsule

A herbaceous plant that flowers, Poppies are the key ingredient behind both medicinal and prohibited drugs. But despite their often illicit use by humans, there’s no doubt that they are an attractive plant. Just look at this Reddit picture showing a cross-section of a poppy capsule – with its white seeds all clustered in between the green shoots.

29. Tree fern


Biologists have identified an astonishing 10,560 different species of tree fern on the planet, according to Bored Panda. The vascular plants – which are used for everything from pottery to textiles – regularly shoot up to 25 meters in height. They also have a striking color and pattern inside them that is visible when they are chopped in half.

28. Firework shell

Fireworks are beloved by many children and adults – though despised by every dog and cat across the world. The exploding pyrotechnics originated from China, but it was apparently the Italians who added the color. Anyway, here’s an image showing the cross-section of a firework shell for your optical enjoyment. The explosives are all packed in neatly into circles. It looks pretty lethal, right?

27. Subsea power cable


Who knew that the cross-section of a subsea power cable would look so cool? Well, the robust transmission line pictured here – which helps electricity travel below the earth’s oceans – sure does. At the time of writing, this particular subsea cable is being built in Lincolnshire, England. And when finished, it will extend between Denmark and the U.K. – providing green energy between the two European nations.

26. Cactus

Who doesn’t love the sight of a cactus? According to Bored Panda, the spine filled plants have around 2,000 distinctive types in a whole host of different sizes, shapes and colors. And when the plants are cut in half, you can really get a sense of how resilient they are.

25. Ice hockey and football helmets


Ice hockey and football are two of America’s favorite sports. Though the physical nature of them means that the players are always kitted out in protective helmets. The image above shows what they look like when cut in half. The basic hockey helmet provides solid protection from stray pucks. But the football one is much more complex in its design and offers elaborate TPU cushioning.

24. CT scanner

A CT scanner is a genius bit of kit that takes cross-sectional photographs of the human body. It is used by health professionals to gather detailed info on a patient and can show them everything from blood vessels, bones and soft tissues. It’s a large and complex machine, and this is demonstrated very clearly when its cross-section is revealed – as in this Reddit photo. Just look at all the wires, monitors, computers and scanners. We’re just glad that we didn’t have to put it together!

23. Nikon camera


Nikon is one of the biggest names in photography. And the Japanese company’s cameras are renowned worldwide for their quality. The inner workings of one of the corporation’s DSLRs is on display in the cross-section image above. Check out the expertly crafted plastic, metal and glass delicately placed together that ultimately leads to a high-resolution image to remember.

22. Accordion

Most of us will have heard the unique sound of an accordion. But have you ever looked inside one? Well, a Reddit user kindly posted an image showing the 19th century German invention cut in half. You’ll never look at an accordion the same way again.

21. Sunflower


Who doesn’t like to see sunflowers in bloom? The attractive plant pretty much signals that the sunshine months are here. You’re most likely familiar with the ones with bright yellow petals and a brown center. But have you ever seen the inner workings of a sunflower? Well, a Reddit user was kind enough to share one with us. Pretty awesome, right?

20. Termite mound

Termites are a homeowners nightmare. After all, a colony of the pests can cause considerable damage to a building’s structure. These ant-like insects are responsible for property damage amounting to $5 billion a year in the United States, according to Pestworld.org. But despite their wanton destruction, you have to grudgingly admit that they are a clever species. And that intelligence is evident in their mounds. Take a look at this cross-section of one posted on Reddit, which illustrates the intricate, carefully planned design.

19. Lock and key


Here’s something that we use almost every day: a lock and key. But have you ever stopped to think about their inner workings when they are paired together to unlock a door? Well, here’s a cylinder lock for you to look at – courtesy of Twitter. Notice the carefully crafted pins that move when the key is turned to open the door.

18. Cannonball

Cast iron cannonballs were invented by the French in the 15th century. The non-explosive, heavy spheres were used to destroy English castles. And a cross-section of one as shown here thanks to Reddit interestingly shows the shrapnel neatly packed inside. You wouldn’t want to get hit by one of those, that’s for sure.

17. Fancy donut


The humble donut is beloved of cops everywhere. Though it’s not so popular with dieters and nutritionists. Anyway, here’s a fancy donut cake cut in half for your viewing pleasure – posted on Reddit. Have a good look at the stunning, perfectly symmetrical coloring. Yum.

16. Paint stick

This entry comes with a pretty cool story. So, a guy named John Smith posted a thread and picture on Reddit about his father, who was a bit of a painter. Over several years, he went on to paint every room in their house. Papa Smith apparently always used the same stick to stir the paint. When his son subsequently found it, he sliced off the end. And a cursory look at it reveals the entire historical record of his painting in the form of multi-colored rings.

15. Pine needle


The needles on a pine tree ensure they have a competitive edge. And this microscopic cross-section of one illustrates why. It shows the wax coating outside of a thick epidermis that prevents water loss. The leaves also have an opening called a stomata, which allows the exchange of gas and lets water flow through.

14. Ammonite

For those who don’t know, ammonites are an extinct group of mollusc creatures. They are also a real favorite among fossil collectors. And this stunning cross-section seems to suggest why. Just look at the neatly compartmentalized shell of this one, which is reportedly a prehistoric squid. And marvel at the fact that it could be around 150 million years old, according to the BBC.

13. Elephant’s foot


Elephants are among the most awe-inspiring animals on the planet. The enormous mammals – the biggest of all land-dwellers – are something of a gentle giant. And take a look at this shot, which shows one of their feet cut in half. As the photo’s author – zoologist and Nat Geo Explorer Lucy Cooke – pointed out on Twitter, the cross-section clearly shows that elephants actually wander about on their tiptoes.

12. Golf balls

Photographer James Friedman decided to cut open his collection of golf balls to peruse what was inside. And the result was this fascinating shot among others. The core of the balls actually consist of a dough made up of around 12 raw ingredients, which apparently affects the distance it will fly and how fast it spins. They are also color-coordinated, and the hues change depending on the intended effects on a player’s game.

11. Cruise ship


Many of us have taken a vacation on board a cruise ship. But less of us have seen one cut expertly in half! Well, in 2018 this was made possible for the public when the Silversea’s Silver Spirit was split in two at the Fincantieri Shipyard in Palermo, Italy. The slicing was done to insert a 15-meter pre-built segment in-between. But this photo shows what it looked like before it was all put together.

10. French pastry

Just uttering the words French pastry is probably enough to make some of us salivate. But have you ever cut one of the tasty treats expertly in half? Well one Reddit user has, and this is what it looked like when they cut a canelé in two. Check out the custard center and delectable caramelized crust. Yum.

9. Circuit breaker


A circuit breaker is a switch which stops an electrical circuit from damage that would be brought on by excess current or a short circuit. It’s an important device, and looking at this one which was posted on Reddit really gives an insight into how it works. Or alternatively, it confuses the living daylights out of you.

8. Fire extinguishers

The intrepid folk over at the Waterjet Channel on YouTube decided to cut open a depressurized fire extinguisher. Because, why not, right? The above image shows the results: you can see the dry chemical powder used to put out flames, the tube and of course, the safety pin.

7. Layers of road


How cool does this multicolored layer of road look? Well, we have a curious Reddit user to thank for this fascinating shot. Given the shape it almost looks like an ice cream dessert – with vanilla, nuts and chocolate further up. Rocky road, anyone? But it actually consists of materials such as gravel, concrete and asphalt. So we wouldn’t recommend anyone to eat it.

6. Leather bullwhip

The leather bullwhip is closely associated with American cowboys and the action movie hero Indiana Jones. They have been primarily used throughout history to control cattle. This cross-section of one posted on Reddit shows the tightly coiled leather and a green, waxed artificial sinew that helps bind it all together. And if you were unlucky enough to be struck by one of these things you’d sure know about it.

5. Sauber Formula 1 racing car


The Swiss company Sauber Motorsport AG has been a mainstay of Formula 1 for decades. The firm’s cars were entered into the elite racing competition in 1993 and in 2018 its F1 racing team became Alfa Romeo Racing following a sponsorship agreement. This cross-section of one of the company’s cars posted on its YouTube channel clearly shows the complex, aerodynamic design.

4. Russian submarine

The Yankee class nuclear submarines were built by the Soviet Union in the 1960s and ’70s, when the empire was the United States’ biggest adversary. And thanks to this Twitter user, we now know what one of its most deadly vessels looks like on the inside. It looks pretty complex, right?

3. Geode


They sure look pretty, but what exactly is a geode? It is a geological secondary formation found in volcanic and sedimentary rocks, that’s what. The hollow, often circular rocks usually contain masses of mineral matter and crystals. This particular one has been split with a waterjet slicing machine by the makers of the YouTube channel Cut in Half. You can see its shiny white crystals and hollow center clearly.

2. Bocce ball

Bocce is an Italian ball game similar to British bowls and is actually related to a game played by the Romans, too. Anyway, the ball is quite heavy, and this broken open one shared on Reddit sort of illustrates why. Inside you can see what looks like a pool ball alongside other colorful pieces. Weird, right?

1. Cargo ship


Thousands of cargo vessels trawl the sea at any one time and they are, of course, vital for international trade. Take a look at this huge capsized one posted by St. Simons Isl Vacation Rentals on Facebook. We’re not sure why it was cut in half like this, but it makes for some fascinating viewing all the same.