Woman Raised Her Daughter On Foods Without Any Added Sugar Or Carbs, Now She's Unveiling The Impact

When Shan Cooper gave birth to her daughter, Grace, she had strong ideas about how she wanted to raise her child. Being a health fanatic herself, the new mom was particularly strict about the types of food that her baby consumed. And the effect that a diet free from carbs and refined sugar has had on the little girl can only be described as amazing.


Cooper is a self-professed “health and wellness coach” and “gut health enthusiast” who has studied the effect that the foods we consume have on our all-around well-being. She even has a degree in agricultural science, which is a strand of biology focusing on the growth and treatment of plants for human consumption.

Clear reason why

And Cooper had battled with health problems for years; food allergies in particular had long been an issue. Her diet was specifically tailored to accommodate her needs, then, with the Brisbane, Australia, native choosing to refrain from consuming gluten, dairy, and processed foods.

Hello, Paleo

In 2010 Cooper discovered the Paleo diet. For those who don’t know, the Paleo diet is a healthy eating plan that’s all about avoiding added sugar, carbs, and additives. It’s a regimen that promotes eating more natural, unprocessed foods — much like ancient man did. It includes lots of fruit, vegetables, and organically reared meats.

Baby girl

“I just got sick of not feeling great,” Cooper explained to the Daily Mail in 2015. “That had become my normal, and [I decided] that it wasn’t going to be normal anymore.” Then, when her daughter arrived in 2014, Cooper decided her baby was going to eat the same way.