Diane Keaton Confesses She Hasn’t Dated In 35 Years — And Her Views Are Surprising Fans

Where other actors live in the full glare of the public spotlight, 77-year-old Hollywood icon Diane Keaton keeps her private life mostly concealed. But one thing most people do know about Keaton is that she has spent much of her life single. Although she's dated high-profile actors in the past, she recently made headlines by admitting she hasn’t been on a date in more than 35 years. And judging by her comments, she won't be opening the door to love anytime soon.

She's a catch

Keaton has won an Oscar, two Golden Globes, and a BAFTA, and she wears many other hats in addition to her impressive headwear collection. She's also a director and producer, dabbles in photography and real estate, and writes and sings. In short, Keaton is a catch!

Values independence

Keaton has always been drawn to strong, empowered women. Katharine Hepburn, well known for portraying such savvy characters, majorly influenced the star. Hepburn was never one to give up her independence for a man, and Keaton ended up having very similar values. Even if, as a teenager, she didn't quite realize it yet.

Chasing her dreams

Diane was still going by her surname "Hall" then and felt determined to see her dreams through. After graduating from Santa Ana High School in California, she briefly studied acting in college. However, she felt a pull toward the stage and quit to move to New York and joined the Actors Equity Association. Soon, she encountered another aspiring star named Diane Hall, which prompted her to adopt Keaton, her mother's maiden name.

A mini Annie Hall

As a side hustle, Keaton sang in clubs – a vocation notably shared by her character in 1977’s Annie Hall. During the day, however, the future star studied at New York’s famous Neighborhood Playhouse, learning an acting method called the Meisner technique. Her first gig was a nine-month run on Broadway in 1968 with a minor part in Hair.