40 Magical Facts About Our Favorite Disney Princesses

There’s more to Disney princesses than sparkly shoes and pretty dresses. Every Disney woman had a vast amount of work put into her creation. You may not know these 40 things about the most beloved princesses and their movies, but those are the little details that helped make them so popular.

Mulan is the only non-royal princess

All other Disney princesses were either born royalty or married into it. The characters who don’t call themselves “princesses” — Pocahontas and Moana — still are technically royalty among their communities, as they’re both daughters of a chief.

Mulan is the one exception. She’s an imperial consul, married to a general, but Disney still counts her as a princess nonetheless. And her courageous character proves there's more to being a Disney princess than just floaty dresses!

Jasmine was the first princess to have two voice actresses

Linda Larkin was cast as Jasmine before “A Whole New World” was added to Aladdin. She told Media Mikes in 2010, “When they added the song they came to me and asked, ‘Do you sing?’ And I said, ‘I do… but not like a princess!’ And they said, ‘No problem, we’ll find a singer to match your voice.’”

And they did just that! The woman for the job ended up being Lea Salonga. “That opened up the world of Disney animation to everybody. They no longer needed actors who sang,” Larkin said.

Belle has a cameo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Beauty and the Beast and The Hunchback of Notre Dame both take place in France, so it kind of makes sense that Belle would have a cameo in the latter film.

She appears during the “Out There” sequence when the camera pans over the streets of Paris. Appropriately, she’s reading a book while walking. (The Magic Carpet from Aladdin can be spotted in the same scene!)

Rapunzel has very heavy hair

If you were to consider the real-life proportions of Rapunzel and her hair, then there's a high chance that she probably wouldn’t be able to move. According to the Tangled animators, her hair is 70 feet long and has 100,000 strands in it.

So, if you add all of those strands together, then her barnet would probably weigh about ten pounds. However, this is a Disney film, and her hair is magical, so this potential problem is never mentioned.