20 Bachelor Party Fails That Nearly Destroyed The Weddings

Bachelor parties weren’t always rowdy affairs. Back in the day – and we’re talking waaaaay back in the day – they were dignified. Sedate, even. In the 5th century B.C., the Spartans just took everyone out to dinner and raised glasses to their soon-to-be-married friends. Now, though, if your “last night of freedom” didn’t feature some kind of tiger-locked-in-the-bathroom deal, did you even have a real bachelor party? But be warned if you’re the best man at any upcoming wedding. These horrifying stories reveal what can happen if you let things get really out of hand.

20. The wedding crasher

Writing on Quora, Marita Gambescia Gaudini claimed that one bachelor party actually caused the wedding itself to be canceled. What happened? Well, apparently, the bash itself was quite tame – by The Hangover standards, at least. Everything came to a head, though, when the bride-to-be decided to make an appearance.

And it seems that this unanticipated event was just one step too far for the groom. He called off the wedding, you see, as reportedly his betrothed’s actions made him look “weak.” Still, if that’s true, then the jilted woman may very well feel like she dodged a bullet there.

19. Head over heels

This is a classic case of Murphy’s law. You know, the one that says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”? The incredible story first appeared on Reddit by way of poster Kejoriv. He claimed that one groom-to-be got so out of it at his bachelor party that he tumbled over the side of a deck… three stories high. Ouch!

Unsurprisingly, the soon-to-be-married dude didn’t exactly walk away from his ordeal unscathed. He cracked bones in both his arms, for one, and needed stitches on his head – which meant he got a super-short buzz cut into the bargain. But while the bride wasn’t too happy about it all, she still said “I do.” Yep, only the groom’s wrists broke up – not the couple.


18. Rough night

Weddings are supposed to be times of joy and happiness. They’re celebrations of life-long love, after all. But when a Redditor named RightReverendJA was getting ready to tie the knot, his best man was dealing with a divorce. And this resulted in possibly the worst bachelor party in history.

On the day of the bash, you see, the best man’s soon-to-be-ex gutted his place of all home comforts. Seriously, the woman even stole all the hearts from a deck of cards. Cold or plain ingenious? Either way, the groom spent the night consoling his weeping best bud, who told him repeatedly that it wasn’t worth getting married. Not ideal…


17. Word to the lies

Steven Craig Wood told Quora about a time he ministered at an eventful wedding. And, according to Wood, that ceremony nearly didn’t go ahead after the bride found out about her soon-to-be-husband’s bachelor party shenanigans. To her undoubted surprise, what occurred was all a far cry from the “quiet night with their pets” he had promised.

What happened? Well, as you may already have guessed, the groom had not gone home to spend a tranquil evening on his own. Instead, he’d hit a whole bunch of clubs, stayed out until the early hours and was still a little trashed when he finally made it to the wedding venue. Basically, the man nearly outdid the guys in The Hangover – which is pretty outrageous.


16. Once a cheater, always a cheater

Redditor IzakEdwards went to a bachelor party that, as he wrote, “ended horribly.” And, boy, he wasn’t kidding! Nothing to do with what happened during the actual get-together, though. Instead, things took a turn for the worse after the groom-to-be got a distressing call from his fiancée.

No one was prepared to stick up for the bachelor, either. That’s because his girl had just found out that her beloved had been unfaithful. For, like, a while. We’re talking stepping out on the poor woman for about half the time they’d spent together. No surprise, then, that the wedding was subsequently canceled. The bachelor party fizzled out, too.


15. Mom-umental

Try to keep up with this one, as there’s a lot going on. On Quora, Ned Harrison told of how a “very tame” bachelor party was interrupted by the bride-to-be’s mother. She also happened to be wielding a prenuptial agreement, as you do. But it wasn’t the prenup that was the problem. And it wasn’t even the bachelor who called off the wedding…

In a twist worthy of an M. Night Shyamalan movie, the bride-to-be canceled the big day. Why? Because she felt that her mother – who, let’s remember, had barreled into the bachelor party with a prenup in tow – had been greeted poorly by the guys. There’s just no pleasing some people, is there?


14. Groom-napped

With friends like these, who needs enemies? Seriously. In 2013 Ollie McAninch’s so-called buddies disguised themselves as thugs and kidnapped the unwitting groom-to-be. They then drove the terrified McAninch across the U.K. for a couple of hours before finally revealing that the whole thing was just a joke. Even worse? His fiancée knew all about it!

That was likely no comfort for McAninch, who was struck down with shingles after the harrowing prank. His doc then told him to steer clear of his fiancée for four weeks, throwing the whole wedding into disarray as a consequence. Fortunately, McAninch eventually recovered enough to walk down the aisle – although we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s since got his own back on his pals.


13. Fast and furious

This story neatly illustrates why you shouldn’t have a bachelor party the night before the wedding. Or maybe it’s why you shouldn’t pretend you’re Dominic Toretto the night before your wedding. Whatever. The point is, if you’re going to hire supercars to drive at your bachelor party, then just be sensible. Otherwise you’ll end up like the guy who spent his so-called last hours of freedom in a cell.

Yep, you read that right. In 2015 a groom-to-be and five others were arrested for leading police on a supercar chase around Manchester, England. Reportedly, the cops then intended to hold the guy for questioning for the entirety of his big day. The flashy rides – including a Lamborghini Gallardo – were all confiscated, too. That’s not what folks mean, dude, when they talk about marriage being a ball and chain.


12. Below the belt

Playing team sports is a fairly standard bachelor party activity, but it’s not without its dangers. Just ask Dan Littlejohn. In 2012 the poor guy got hit by a paintball where you really shouldn’t be hit by a paintball. You know the place we’re talking about. And that wince-inducing injury left the prospective groom in so much agony that he could hardly walk.

Luckily for all involved, Littlejohn – and his, ahem, painted balls – were able to make it to the church on time. But he hadn’t completely healed. “I felt like John Wayne walking down the aisle and could only just get into my wedding [pants]. It really put a dampener on the day and the wedding night,” the unfortunate man later said to This Is Sussex. We bet it did.


11. Warning signs

When you need to sign a non-disclosure agreement to attend a bachelor party, you know some bad stuff is about to go down. Why else would you need to keep shtum? In 2019 one Reddit user chanced it, though, and – sure enough – he saw something he’d probably like to bleach his brain to forget.

This anonymous Redditor claimed that he saw the man of the hour cheating on his fiancée. Conflicted, the guy then asked fellow members of the website for advice. Should he tell the bride-to-be and ruin the wedding? Or should he just keep out of it? After all, we doubt that NDA would hold up in a court of law. Right?


10. One man and a boat

In 2017 SometimesaGirl related what he called an “amusing” bachelor party story on Reddit. But when you hear how the tale ends, you may well wonder if it’s all that funny for those involved. According to the Redditor, you see, things took a turn for the worse after the group of guys hit the town with about as much gusto as you’d expect.

First of all, the party moved to the docks. Then, when the groom proved too far gone to handle, his buddies simply “dumped him on a barge.” And that’s not even the bad part! The abandoned man didn’t actually come around until the following day – when he was halfway to Amsterdam. Apparently, the bride-to-be “went utterly nuts.” Understandable, really.


9. P-A-R-T-Why?

In 2019 Gabby Stephens shared her cautionary tale with British newspaper The Sun. There, she revealed that her fiancé, Louis Cardona, had returned from his bachelor party in Ibiza somewhat changed. The problem? He was apparently keeping her at arm’s length. Then she found out the reason why.

Predictably, Louis had had a fling during his getaway, leaving Gabby feeling “humiliated, heartbroken and shocked.” And to add insult to injury, the bride-to-be was out of pocket to the tune of $675 after canceling the big day. But that’s a small price to pay compared to a lifetime married to someone she couldn’t trust.


8. Tree hugger

Originally, a bachelor party simply involved toasting the groom-to-be the night before his big day. But more and more guys are choosing to get together with their buds weeks if not months prior to saying “I do” – and you probably know why. If you don’t, this short-but-sweet tale from Redditor Oneiropticon will give you a good idea.

In this case, the bash ended when the group tied the bachelor to a tree. But not just any tree: the one the guy was going to be marrying his fiancée at mere hours later… Oneiropticon didn’t say whether the wedding went ahead, but he did tell the world that he wouldn’t be partying just before he got spliced. Well, duh.


7. I don’t

A woman calling herself Miss Velveteen was so distraught by her husband-to-be’s behavior at his bachelor party that she turned to the internet for advice. Not always the wisest decision… But it turns out that she had quite a story to tell – along with some very juicy details. And as with so many other tales of its kind, it involved a strip club.

As Miss Velveteen wrote on the Wedding Bee forum, her man had a lap dance when he’d said he wouldn’t. And given how the couple were Christians, the bride-to-be started to doubt whether their impending vows would mean much to her beau. It was all a bit of a mess, to be honest. But after much praying, she seemed ready to forgive him. Just.


6. “I wish I knew how to quit you”

According to CatManDontDo on Reddit, he once attended a bachelor party involving a groomsman and a groom-to-be who used to be friends with benefits. And it turned out that the groomsman picked the day before the wedding to tell the soon-to-be-married guy that he was in love with him. Needless to say, sparks flew.

Punches flew, too, as the situation escalated into a full-on brawl. Eventually, though, everyone hugged and made up, and the wedding went ahead smoothly – give or take the odd bruise. And in a rather unexpected fairytale ending, the Redditor said that all involved remained tight to that very day. That’s kinda nice when you think about it, right?


5. Bachelorette behaving badly

It’s not guys who act out at these events. If you need proof, then look no further than a story from slightlydainbramaged on Reddit. On this occasion, it was the bachelorette party that caused all the trouble. Well, to be a bit more precise, it was the bride-to-be choosing to take home a stripper.

And in an unfortunate turn of events, the big day was supposed to be one of those once-in-a-lifetime destination weddings. So, even though the ceremony was called off, the groom still went on vacation with his loved ones because he couldn’t get his money back. Luckily, the guy is now in a good marriage to someone else. So all’s well that ends well.


4. Lonely island

You often hear about brides and grooms getting cold feet before their weddings. It’s a pretty normal reaction to have, after all, when faced with a life-long commitment to another human being. What’s not normal? Telling your buddies you don’t want to get married while they’re rowing you to an island hours before the big day.

And the groomsmen may just take you at your word and abandon you on said island. That’s exactly what Redditor Nitzelplick heard his father did to his soon-to-be-married pal. In the end, the guy couldn’t get to the wedding, leaving his friends to take the blame for ruining it all. But at least the groom was supposedly very happy with that outcome!


3. Game over, man

The cardinal rule of any bachelor party should be: don’t step out on your partner. Well, that should be the cardinal rule of any relationship, at any time, ever. But it seems that some men just can’t help themselves. Take this story from Redditor Anti_Social_. While working as security, he got called in to remove a cheating bachelor.

Unfortunately for this particular groom-to-be, his beloved happened to be partying down the block. And when the bachelorettes found out what the guy had been up to, you’d better believe it didn’t end well. The cheated-on gal began sobbing, and the wedding was canceled on the spot. That doesn’t seem like an overreaction, to be fair.


2. Doomed groom

The whole point of a bachelor party is to give single life a decent send-off with your best buds. It’s not – as this list will attest – to get hammered and cheat on the person you’re supposed to love most in the world. And that last part bears repeating, as it seems like not every man gets the message…

A guy known as 8bitbenben on Reddit told a story of a bachelor party that went totally off the rails. The problems began when the groom-to-be got a bit too close to a private dancer. Actually, the problems really began when his fiancée found out what her beloved and the dancer had been up to. Long story short: the wedding was ruined.


1. Secrets and lies

It’s always best to be truthful with your loved ones, and a pal of Redditor mortmorges once pledged to do just that. Yes, following his bachelor party, this – perhaps foolhardy – man told everyone that he was going to be upfront with his girl about what had gone down. Great. Honesty is the best policy and all that. Only the guy wasn’t 100 percent accurate in his retelling…

Most notably, the groom failed to mention the dancer the bachelor party had, well, enjoyed during proceedings. So, when his fiancée found out, the wedding was very nearly canceled. The best man almost lost his invite to the ceremony, too. And while the couple ultimately straightened things out in the end, it was touch-and-go for a minute there.