The Kids Of The Friends Cast Are So Grown Up Now

Back in the day, the Friends cast were a seriously good-looking bunch. Just about everybody wanted to be like them and almost everyone crushed hard on at least one of them. Much like their on-screen alter egos, they eventually settled down, got married and had kids. Well, most of them did. And these days, their offspring are looking pretty darned grown-up. Have they inherited the looks and talent of their famous folks, we hear you ask? Let’s find out!

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox memorably played neat-freak Monica Geller in the iconic sitcom. After a string of unsuccessful romances and a failed relationship with Dr. Richard Burke – a.k.a. Tom Selleck – she finally found her happy-ever-after with Chandler. The couple then went on to adopt twins and were seen preparing for a new life away from New York City in the Friends finale.

Daughter: Coco Arquette

As big fans of the show will know, Cox was pregnant with her own child, daughter Coco Arquette, while filming these final scenes. And you can just make out her cleverly concealed baby bump if you look closely. Coco – whose name is a shortened mix of Courteney and Cox – is of course also the daughter of Cox’s ex-husband David Arquette.

Married, then not

The former couple famously met while working together on cult slasher flick Scream, in the late ’90s. They got hitched in 1999 but sadly divorced after over a decade together, in 2013. Arquette has since remarried, to producer Christina McLarty, with whom he shares sons Augustus and Charlie. Cox meanwhile, has had an on/off relationship with Snow Patrol guitarist Johnny McDaid for several years.

Devoted parents

But despite going their separate ways, Cox and Arquette remain devoted parents to Coco, who turned 17 in June 2021. Both posted loving tributes on Instagram to mark their daughter’s birthday, with the Friends star writing, “Happy 17th birthday to my strong, sensitive, creative, loving, soulful, beautiful, talented, and wise Coco. I love you so much.”