A Man Knocked Down A Wall in His Home And Found A Sprawling Underground City Below

Have you ever thought about what hidden treasures might be awaiting you just a few feet beneath your own home? Well, in 1963 a man in Turkey discovered that secrets really do dwell beneath the surface of the mundane world. The story goes that the man, who lived in Turkey’s Nevşehir Province, was renovating his home when he accidentally stumbled upon the key to one of history's most ancient mysteries.

A major clue

Perhaps one clue was right in front of him his entire life. According to reports, the man lived in the town of Derinkuyu, which means “Deep Well.” Nestled on the high plateau of Cappadocia, Derinkuyu is a modest, conservative, and predominantly Muslim region where life revolves around the cultivation of beans and potatoes.

Hidden chamber in the basement

But this discovery was bound to change this unassuming town forever. Upon demolishing a wall in his house, the aforementioned resident discovered a hidden room that led to something nothing short of extraordinary. Indeed, it drew international media attention, and a stream of scientists, tourists, and scholars, to the area.

The start of something larger

The hidden room was, however, just the start of the mystery; far greater wonders lay below and beyond. After discovering the secret chamber, the Turk decided to dig down beneath its surface, and it was here that he found an entrance. What’s more, beyond the entrance was a tunnel, receding into darkness and obscurity.

Ancient secrets

As it happened, the man had actually stumbled upon a hidden entrance to a vast, abandoned, subterranean city. And this profoundly ancient underground city has witnessed millennia of drama and change and, indeed, the rise and fall of untold empires.