Mother Who Was Denied Access To Her Son For Years Finally Gets The Best Reunion

In the 1980s things were not going particularly well for Jane Kim. The South Korean national’s marriage had crumbled, and her home life in her native country had subsequently begun to dissolve. Then, as a result of manipulation by her mother-in-law, she reluctantly agreed to an arrangement that she would live to regret, and fight to change, across the next 40 years.

Finding love and starting a family

Little different to many young women in South Korea in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Jane dreamed of finding love and starting a family. Her hopes in that regard seemed to have come true when she wed a Korean man whose name has not been publicly revealed.

During the course of their marriage, Jane and her husband would go on to have a baby together. That child would be a son, whom they named Brian Oh. But their marital bliss — if it ever was that — was unfortunately not fated to last.

Finalizing divorce

For whatever reason, Jane and her Korean husband would eventually fall out of love and part company. Their marriage was clearly deemed to be unsaveable by one or the other — or perhaps both of them — and the split would be finalized with a divorce soon afterwards.

At the time Jane and her spouse got the necessary approval to legally separate, their only son was not much over two years old. In fact, given that he had been so young, later on Brian would likely never remember a time when his biological parents had been together.

Aiming for custody

Of course, one of the main issues that the split of Jane and her husband would throw up was who would get main custody of their son. As it happened, Jane came from a relatively poor family in South Korea, whilst her husband had a more affluent background.

Still, Jane was determined to be the main parent and care-giver for her son and sought to bring up her young boy in her own home. Her maternal instincts were strong, and she tried her best to keep hold of Brian.

Change in mindset

Those were her initial intentions, anyway. But not too far down the line, things began to change somewhat in Jane’s mind. Her motherly instincts began to be blunted to the point at which she countenanced allowing her ex-husband and his family to take custody of her infant.

A third party had begun to get in Jane’s ear, and she was able to influence Jane in a way that made her question her own suitability as Brian’s mother. That person was her husband’s mom, Jane’s former mother-in-law.