These Bizarre Celebrity Collections Reveal Some Stars Simply Have More Money Than Sense

Wouldn’t it be nice so have so much money you could sink it into building up a massive collection of stuff? Well, that was the reality for these 40 celebrities. They took their millions and used them to pursue their hobbies, many of which are a little bit odd to say the least. Just remember, though, no matter how expensive and interesting your collection of worldly possessions… you can’t take it with you.

40. Angelina Jolie and daggers

It feels pretty on-brand that Angelina Jolie owns a collection of daggers. This is a woman who once wore a vial of her husband’s blood around her neck, after all. She’s been collecting blades ever since she was a pre-teen, and she caused some controversy when she bought her son Maddox some knives at that age too.

39. Chris Pratt, Anna Faris, and dead bugs

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are two attractive, charismatic people. And yet when they first met they bonded over… dead insects. Faris told TV chat show host James Corden in 2015, “When Chris and I started dating he invited me over to his apartment and he also had a dead bug collection. I started to cry! I’ve met the man of my dreams. We both have dead bug collections.” Well, whatever floats your boat.

38. James Gunn and Funko Pops

You’ve heard of Funko Pops, right? They’re cute little action figures with big heads, and they’re very popular. James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, especially loves them. He himself got to be a Pop in 2017, and he gleefully wrote on Instagram, “My own personal Funko has finally arrived – which admittedly, to me, is a higher honor than an Academy Award.”

37. Harry Connick Jr. and cufflinks


Back in 1998 Harry Connick Jr. told In Style magazine, “I collect cufflinks, but I never, ever wear them. I don’t even know why I collect them. My aunt Lil in California sent me some that were my uncle’s. They’re costume jewelry. I have this case my wife gave me that sits on my dresser – it’s full of unused cufflinks.” You’d think he would take them out on the red carpet more.

36. Mila Kunis and Star Trek toys

Actress Mila Kunis is a secret diehard Trekkie. She got into the show as a teenager and never looked back, which naturally led to a collection of action figures. In 2011 she told GQ magazine, “I’ve got a bunch of vintage Star Trek figurines given to me by Jason Segel. God, it’s so embarrassing.” We genuinely have no idea why she’d think that. Phasers set to stunned.

35. Kiefer Sutherland and guitars


Kiefer Sutherland just loves a certain kind of instrument. In 2019 he told Guitar magazine, “Some people collect baseball cards, some people collect cars or art… for me, guitars are that. They are beautiful works of art. And what I found so interesting was that every guitar makes you play differently.” Yep, he’s a musician too.

34. Janet Jackson and pig figures

Janet Jackson collects pig stuff, but apparently not because she had a particular interest in them or anything. In 2006 the singer told the website Contact Music, “I always wanted a hobby… so I decided to collect pigs. I have no idea why! And everyone started giving them to me. I had hundreds of pigs.” If you see her don’t offer her a pig though, ’cos she’s given it all up now. One of her rasher decisions?

33. Martin Scorsese and old movie posters


Maybe this one’s not so surprising. Martin Scorsese really likes old movie posters, and he has a lot of them. How does he find the wall space? Maybe he doesn’t, because in 2015 he handed some of his collection to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Of course, many of his own films have iconic posters as well, so maybe those are the ones he keeps for the wall.

32. Neil Young and model trains

There’s a beautiful story behind Neil Young’s model train collection. He started it as a way to be able to spend time with his son Ben, who was born with cerebral palsy. Young’s tinkering with the trains created an accessible toy for him. Come 2017 the singer auctioned off his collection, with some of the proceeds going towards a school for disabled kids.

31. Rob Kardashian and sports cards


If the reality TV thing goes down the plughole, Rob Kardashian might consider becoming a professional dealer in sports cards. He collects them and by all accounts he’s pretty good at finding rare ones. In fact, in 2020 TMZ reported he’d come into possession of a Tom Brady card worth up to $250,000. Let’s face it though, he probably doesn’t need the money.

30. Jerry Seinfeld and Porsches

Most people can’t imagine owning even one Porsche, but comedian Jerry Seinfeld has a whole collection of them. Maybe that’s not all that weird if you’re mega-rich, but what is a bit weird is that he stores them in a three-level building with living space for him and a car maintenance crew on standby at all times.

29. Sylvester Stallone and old books


It’s an unfair stereotype of tough guys really, but most people probably don’t imagine Sylvester Stallone as a big reader. Yet he is, and he collects old books as well! He has a whole library full of beautiful antique volumes and first editions. When he decided to auction some of them off in 2017, a leather-bound set of boxing books were among the lots.

28. Jason Momoa and cameras

All the more reason to love Jason Momoa – he collects Leica cameras and he knows how to use them. Right now he’s working with the company to promote its brand, and pops up on its social media account every now and again. Oh, and his mom was a photographer too. No wonder his Instagram looks so good.

27. Charlie Watts and classic cars


Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones is really into classic cars. So much, in fact, that he has his suits specially made in order to match them, according to lifestyle website Ultimate Luxury Community. And yet… he can’t actually drive. He doesn’t even have a license! So apparently he just sits in them every now and then and listens to the sound of the engines.

26. Swizz Beatz and art

Swizz Beatz is considered by Kanye West to be the best rap producer of all time, and that kind of clout can net you an amazing art collection if you play your cards right. The hip-hop artist practically has his own art museum, and it includes the works of Gordon Parks, Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol.

25. Penelope Cruz and coat hangers


To most of us coat hangers are very mundane items, but not for Penelope Cruz. The Oscar-winning actress reportedly has at least 500 of them lying around. Does she actually use them for her clothes, or does she just keep them so as to admire their beauty? Alas, we may never know the answer.

24. Jay-Z and watches

Jay-Z has a spectacular, and very expensive, watch collection. How expensive are we talking? Well just one of them, a gift from Beyoncé, contains 1,282 diamonds and is worth $5,000,000. And the rest of Jay-Z’s watch wardrobe isn’t too shabby either. He’s got 99 problems but his wrist ain’t one.

23. Brad Pitt and metal art


Brad Pitt’s donned metal armor in movies, but he loves other kinds of metal creations too. He’s got art, watches, bikes and furniture all crafted from the material. But he doesn’t just buy these pieces, he creates them too. He actually made his and Jennifer Aniston’s wedding rings, plus he even released his own furniture line in 2012.

22. Shaquille O’Neal and Superman memorabilia

Shaquille O’Neal is a massive fan of Superman. The colossal three-acre estate the star put up for sale in 2018 featured a home theater decked out with posters featuring the superhero, a Man of Steel logo on the bedroom mattress, a life-size Superman statue facing a lake and more. No-one does comic book fandom like Shaq.

21. Quentin Tarantino and board games


Sure, video games are great, but some people prefer the old-fashioned pre-internet board games. And film director Quentin Tarantino appears to be one of these. In 1994 he proudly showed his collection, which included official Dawn of the Dead and Dukes of Hazzard games, to Rolling Stone magazine.

20. Mike Tyson and X-Men toys

You might have known Mike Tyson keeps pigeons and spends a huge amount of money giving them luxurious lives. But he’s got another hobby too. Tyson is really into the X-Men – he quotes a character from the comic in his autobiography Undisputed Truth – and he’s got an impressive collection of X-Men toys. Just keep them away from the birds.

19. Phil Collins and Alamo memorabilia


Despite being British, Phil Collins was always absolutely fascinated by the Alamo. He loved Davy Crockett, and would dress up as him as a child. So when he became a famous adult the Genesis drummer channeled that fascination into collecting Alamo memorabilia, and ended up with the biggest private collection in the world. But in the end Collins decided he wanted everyone to see them, so he donated his priceless artifacts to the Texas General Land Office, which has begun raising funds to house them in a museum.

18. Nicole Kidman and coins

Think coin collecting is a thing only stereotypical nerds do? Think again. The beautiful and glamorous Nicole Kidman happens to have an interest in the subject. She likes ancient coins and particularly ones from the Judean era. Well, she’s definitely got enough modern-day money to pursue her collection of olden-days money.

17. Scott Hamilton and pinball machines


Pinball machines are a fun thing to collect. They look cool and you can play on them! That kind of thinking led Olympic-gold-medal winner Scott Hamilton to start a collection of them. Among his prized possessions are a $6,000 Star Wars Episode I machine and a $9,000 Batman one. He keeps his pinball skills sharp by playing against his wife.

16. Charlie Sheen and Babe Ruth memorabilia

Charlie Sheen always had a fascination with baseball player Babe Ruth. He once owned his 1927 World Series ring, which is pretty impressive, plus some other items. Alas, his collection couldn’t keep its prize piece. In 2017 at the height of his legal troubles, Sheen sold the ring and Ruth’s Boston Red Sox contract for over $4 million.

15. Demi Moore and dolls


To plenty of people Demi Moore’s $2 million doll collection might seem a bit creepy. Apparently even Ashton Kutcher, her ex-husband, didn’t exactly love the actress’s room full of dolls. But Moore herself shows no signs of quitting her hobby, and if Instagram is anything to go by she might have a Baby Yoda in her collection now. Awww.

14. Drake and Birkin bags

Musician Drake collects Birkin bags… but not for himself. In 2017 he told The Hollywood Reporter magazine that he was amassing them for “the woman [he’ll] end up with.” And the Birkin bags are a status symbol like no other. Rumor has it Drake even owns the Hermès Himalaya Birkin, which is studded with diamonds and worth $382,000.

13. Elton John and glasses


Maybe it’s not surprising that Elton John collects glasses, considering they’re his trademark accessory, but the sheer scope and scale of the collection might still astound you. He once told BBC Radio 2 that he had got at least 20,000 sets of spectacles and they’re worth a lot of money, an estimated $50 million in fact. It would take you a long, long time to try on them all.

12. Rod Stewart and model trains

Rod Stewart used to be an absolute hellraiser, and now… well, now he’s an old man who loves his model trains. He spent a whopping 23 years creating a huge model railway to his exact specifications, doing 90 percent of it by himself. He unveiled it in 2019 and proudly told Railway Modeller magazine, “I started, so I just had to finish.”

11. Whoopi Goldberg and shoes


It probably goes without saying that most successful actresses have a shoe collection somewhere, but Whoopi Goldberg’s one really takes the cake. Her footwear is a feast for the eyes. There are Santa shoes, Star Wars shoes, disembodied Barbie head shoes… everything you could imagine. And back in 2013 Goldberg even posted a pic of her huge wardrobe captioned “Some of my favorite shoes!” Some?

10. Lou Ferrigno and Beanie Babies

Remember back in the ’90s when Beanie Babies were everywhere? Those adorable little animals weaseled their way into every household in America. And one person particularly taken in by them was actor Lou Ferrigno. Yep, The Incredible Hulk star loves Beanie Babies. Alas, his collection probably isn’t worth much though: few Beanie Baby collections are.

9. John Travolta and planes


A celebrity having their own plane isn’t all that weird. But when they have more than one… then it sort of is. And John Travolta, in addition to having a whole lot of aviation memorabilia, has a literal fleet of airplanes all to himself. To be fair though, he has actually used them to help out after natural disasters.

8. Claudia Schiffer and insect-themed art

It seems kinda weird that a gorgeous woman like Claudia Schiffer should be into bugs, but she is. And not even just the nice ones like butterflies either. Her house is packed full of insect-related stuff, including art pieces and actual dead bugs. Spiders are a particular favorite of hers. Who knew?

7. Leonardo DiCaprio and action figures


Leonardo DiCaprio has a truly enviable collection of action figures. He’s got Star Wars toys, He-Man figurines, E.T. dolls and more. He auctioned some of them off in 2006 and made $110,000 for charity. But the question remains… there’s lots of Leo action figures around, so does he have any of those?

6. Ben Stiller and Star Trek memorabilia

Ben Stiller went all out when it came to collecting Star Trek things. The famous Trekkie owns a Gorn mask, a pair of Spock ears which he got direct from Leonard Nimoy, and very possibly (no-one’s sure yet) one of the original U.S.S. Enterprise filming models. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll get to be in a Star Trek movie too?

5. Robert Downey Jr. and watches


Robert Downey Jr. has a huge collection of watches. You’ve seen one of them in Iron Man 2 in fact, Downey and Tony Stark basically being the same person. Among his other most important watches there are some gifts as well: a beautiful $32,000 timepiece from his wife and one $4,000 number Ben Stiller gave him after Tropic Thunder.

4. Nicolas Cage and comics

Nicolas Cage gave his son the name of Kal-El, Superman’s other identity, so ya guessed it… he’s really into comics. The actor’s been buying them for years, but when some of the most expensive ones were stolen in 2000, he sold his collection for $1.68 million. Yet according to those in the know, he’s started it back up since then.

3. Amanda Seyfried and taxidermy


You’d never, ever guess that Amanda Seyfried loves dead animals. But she does! She collects them and even names them. Among her bizarre menagerie there’s a miniature zebra, a horse, a deer called Sha’ Dynasty, a chick named after Linda Lovelace and a raccoon with a jetpack received from Conan O’Brien.

2. Johnny Depp and Barbies

Johnny Depp could have collected anything in the world, but he chose Barbies. There’s a sweet origin story to that, though: he originally bought them for his daughter, Lily Rose, and would play along with her. She grew out of them, but apparently he never did. In 2015 Depp proudly told TV chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, “I’ve got a lot of Barbies in storage.”

1. Tom Hanks and typewriters


Tom Hanks loves typewriters so much he even wrote a piece about them for The New York Times newspaper back in 2013. He started collecting them, he said, when a particularly shouty typewriter repair man offered him a cheap Hermes 2000 back in 1978. Hanks quickly got obsessed with it and the rest is history. Turns out there’s beauty to be found even in noisy old office items.