Roads That Only The Best Drivers In The World Can Handle

“Life is a daring adventure,” wrote the author Helen Keller. But we'd argue that some roads are best left untraveled. Just take a look at these wild roads from around the world. They would turn our knuckles white and our knees into jello! Only drivers with the strongest nerves and stomachs would dare to embark on these risky journeys.

1. Rohtang Pass, India

The name “Rohtang” means “a pile of corpses,” but the Himalayan road is actually an ancient trade route connecting the humid Kullu Valley with the arid Lahaul and Spiti Valleys. It has a long and infamous reputation for blizzards and landslides. The road has an elevation of 13,058 feet — but these days you don't need to drive over it. The Atal Tunnel, which opened in 2020, lets drivers take a shortcut through the mountain instead.

2. Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida, USA

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge has a dark history, but the latest version of the stunning bridge is as safe as can be. After all, the 4.14-mile-long structure is pitched over one of the most active shipping lanes in America. The bridge also benefitted from a paint job in 2022 as well as the welcome addition of corrosion protection.

3. Tianmen Shan Road, China

An astonishing 99 hairpin bends punctuate the 6.8-mile road to the summit of Tianmen Mountain in China’s Hunan province. Yet while the route is known as the “Avenue To Heaven,” this is because the rock archway at the summit is considered a mythical threshold to the divine — not because drivers meet their end here. Interestingly, the road took eight years to complete and is complemented by the world’s longest mountain cableway.

4. Atlantic Road Bridge, Norway

The Atlantic Road Bridge — or rather, a series of eight bridges — is either a dream or a nightmare, depending on your view of roller coasters. The constructions dip and dive like yoyos, often apparently vanishing into the horizon, along its 27,145-foot length. It's potentially idyllic, sure, but the roads can sometimes flood. And then it no doubt becomes a frightening prospect.